Michele Mafra — Artist / Business Developer — is Brazilian and has lived in California for 24 years. After the birth of her daughter in July 2016, she fell in love with blockchain technology and the ideology behind Bitcoin.

Since then, she has connected with experts, investors and developers for advice on growing her portfolio. In addition to becoming an investor, her desire to transmit her knowledge about this universe led her to create the MamãeCrypto channel and mammycrypto blog. In them she creates videos and educational articles about cryptocurrencies aimed at the Brazilian public.

Michelle Mafra has unique abilities. Graduated in Arts and Graphic Design from San Diego State University, Michelle also holds an MBA in Business Administration with a focus on e-commerce and has spent the last 5 years of her life studying the theory and practice of blockchain technology.

In 2018 Michelle wrote the e-book: The Litecoin Guide, became a Columnist for the Livecoins.com.br portal and The Capitol and has worked with several partners in the industry in deferent capacities. Today Michelle manages the Litecoin Foundation's virtual store, is a channel marketing specialist for Bybit Exchange in Portuguese speaking countries and consults for several companies and experts in the field. She considers herself a bridge between the world and Brazil. Responsible for many partnerships, made possible by the huge network of contacts that Michelle has established over the years experiencing many crypto adventures.

Personally, Michelle is currently exploring the world of NTFS. Finally for her the perfect time to merge her art with blockchain technology.

With her you will be able to explore the world of cryptocurrencies in a very didactic and simplified way.

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MamaeCrypto Michelle M.

MamaeCrypto Michelle M.

Crypto advocate & Enthusiast —Opinions, Not Investment advice. Blog: www.mammycrypto.com — Store:www.zazzle.com/store/cryptobazaar