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3 min readJun 10, 2020

I really enjoy listening to Charlie Shrem podcast “Untold Stories” on a regular basis. However, this week he certainly featured a guest that I was truly excited to see. His guest, Brittany Kaiser, is someone I have been fascinated about since watching the documentary film, The Great Hack.

If you have watched the film, this interview will probably give you a sense of continuity to this epic documentary that probably changed the way you looked at your personal data and the mere facebook posts that pop up on your timeline. If you have not yet watched the film this interview will blow your mind with topics evolving around data collection, privacy, targeted advertising, political campaigns, social media and so much more, coming directly from a whistleblower that worked for both Democratic and Republican campaigns as well as presidential campaigns around the world. A person that affirms she has been exposed to a lot and simply said I had enough of this 💩

What is her goal? To educate the public about the tactics used by government and corporations to manipulate opinions. Tactics that have been widely enhanced by social media and corporate data collections and only made possible because currently we do not have ownership of our data. As of today, she confirms that our personal data is being constantly sold and that we should have some control of how that data is used and when that data is used and for what purpose. She pinpoints again and again that our personal data is valuable and we should be able to protect it as an asset. Probably the most valuable asset we would own.

After the whole Cambridge Analytics debacle, Brittany continues to advocate for data ownership in many forms. Creating awareness, education and by taking a political stance in favor of personal data ownership in hopes for stronger regulations. Regulations that will reinforce our right to data ownership. Regulations that would place limits on how and when our data can be used and one that requires our permission. We think that already exists but it truly it does not! Let me give an example: I personally did not care to even read the sign up agreement with many social media sites 10 to 15 years ago maybe because I was too young to think it was important but partially because the business models were not in place then. Privacy issues where not relevant then, because we were not aware our data was being sold, that our behavior was being tracked, and that our views were being targeted. At that time we truly wondered how Facebook for example made its money. The business plan was not fully disclosed or clearly disclosed to its users. We saw it as a nice place to find our friends and connect with each other. Features where limited and a lot has been enhanced. As things change, and companies evolve and information comes out… most of us are starting to feel as if we have made a deal with the devil. Ps: facebook is just one example as there are many out there doing the exact same thing. It is the trend I guess.

Another point that I think Brittany addressed in this interview that was not addresses in the film “The Great Hack” is her admiration for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. She mentions that after being exposed to blockchain technology she started to see it as a possible solution for many problems and that was certainly one of her drives to head in the direction that she is heading today.

At the moment she has started a Petition asking Mark Zuckerberg to change Facebook’s rules and give us back control over our data, our digital assets, our property. Her petition has already oner 170000 signatures. The hashtag for her campaign is #OwnYourData

Hope you get a chance to watch the interview. I made sure to include it in this article for your convenience. For documentary film The Great Hack it is available on Netflix. It was an eye opening experience for me. You will love it but also hate it.

Hope you enjoy my quick review of one of the best and most relevant interview of this time.

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