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MamaeCrypto Michelle M.
3 min readJul 25, 2020

I joined platform 2 months ago and have been working hard, creating crypto relating videos to populate both of my channels, Mammycrypto for English speakers and MamãeCrypto for Portuguese speakers. Both channels have been performing well and steadily growing with over 200 followers combined. That is super cool! Thank you for everyone who signed up and supported my channels.

After exploring the LBRY platform, in specific the fact page, I noticed that the LBRY content creator rewards are not automated for every channel and that in some cases, including mine, the best thing to do is to meet the requirements and follow the approval procedure by writing an email requesting your account to be reviewed. Once reviewed there is a very good chance that your Creators Rewards will be enabled by the LBRY team.

In the video below I showcase the whole process of approval including my own personal communication with the LBRY team member. Feel free to use my own letter as a template for your request, I included the text below. In addition, I also showcase my satisfaction with the speedy positive response that I received within minutes of my request. Thank you LBRY team. I am super thrilled that starting today I am part of the LBRY rewards pool and have already started receiving LBRY tips for my content views as recorded in the video.

If you have not yet discovered LBRY.TV you are certainly missing out on some fun rewards that can be earned simply as a viewer but generously as a content creator. YouTube has been fun for over a decade or so but certainly becoming outdated when compared with the new and disruptive blockchain decentralized video sharing platforms. I hope you get a chance to discover sooner rather than later!

Below are a few resources that will help you enable Creator Rewards

1 — Not on Lbry? Sign up using this invite Link (You will receive an LBC reward that you otherwise would not if you do not use a referral link)

2 — Understand requirements for content creator rewards in this LBRY fact page

3 — Lbry contact email is:

4 — Basic Letter Template Below

“Dear LBRY,

My name is (YOUR NAME) and I joined the platform (PERIOD OF TIME EX: 1 YEAR) and started to create (TYPE OF CONTENT). My channel is (CHANNEL HANDLE & LINK). The is growing steadily and I plan to add more original content on a regular basis.

I am writing to ask if my channels qualify to receive the Creators viewer’s rewards. at the moment I believe I am not receiving any LBRY credits for the views my videos are receiving and after reading the FAQs page I noticed I am missing a step which is emailing you.

Thank you so much for your attention and hope you find in this email all the information you need to provide me with a response. If not please let me know what I can provide and I will be more than happy to follow up with any information needed.

Here are my handles on other social media platforms just in case. (INCLUDE FEW JUST IN CASE)

Thank you very much for your attention,


Hope you found value in this content I created especially for you. In case you missing out on some creator’s rewards now you know what you need to do to enable it. I certainly was and happy I took the leap, wrote the email, and super happy I received the response I was looking for. Time to stack some LBC Tokens. Thank you for your support!

All my best,
Michelle M.

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