Lbry Credits (LBC) is Going Parabolic — Hard Work Pays Off

It is exciting to see hard work paying off. I am proud of the team behind @Lbry for continuing to build this welcoming open-source decentralized platform for all of us.

I am feeling blessed for believing in the power of the blockchain + community as a catalyst for change. And I am so glad I joined the Lbry Platform early enough to understand its core values. The trend is changing, content creators are being censured, demonetized, and banned for breaking unclear rules, constantly changing ethical dilemmas, and disregard of appeal notifications. It is truly like they do not care. For YouTube it is just easier to toss years of hard work, community building, and income generated by its creators. Content creators are being erased by the YOUTUBE algorithm daily and countless Youtubers are losing their income in times of a pandemic when content creators are relying on their online income the most.

I think most content creators had enough and are currently looking for another alternative. Truly they feel like they have no voice, no rights to their accounts and they truly do not. The audience had enough of ads and constant algorithm manipulation as well. And I can feel the excitement from those who left YOUTUBE and have joined the freedom and true ownership of content found in LBRY. The price of LBC going up is only the cherry on top!

I also appreciate the fact that LBRY stands its ground, is focused on building rather than setting its price high by paying big exchanges to get listed. Maybe now, that we have seen a parabolic increase of over 150% in less than 24 hours, the big exchanges will pay more attention to this crypto babe.

And yep we are not going to pay to get listed. That’s the message the Lbry Foundation continues to send to major centralized exchanges. We the PEOPLE cannot afford the fees.

Also, quite refreshing to have Uniswap and other decentralized exchanges and swap capabilities at our fingertips. Crypto is evolving and so are the highways towards great blockchain projects, and that is quite eye-opening as well.

Ps: Think twice. This one may be worth to “HODL” for a very long time. I choose to focus less on the price and on the fact that we continue to build and that growth is exponential! #LBC #LBRY

If you have not joined lbry yet and would like to receive a welcome LBC prize for giving it a try here is my referral link:$/invite/@mammycrypto:c

Please note that by using this link you will be supporting my channel with a small LBC reward too. Once you join in you can also participate in the referral program available to anyone and everyone. These programs make sure you can reward LBC prizes to your friends who join in too and also rewards you for giving the referral. Despite being small it is an incentive. It is a quite refreshing experience to join a decentralized platform where everybody wins. I think we are just so used to not knowing how much our actions are worth for companies such as Youtube, Facebook, and others. Those just take and throw you a bone from time to time. With Lbry we are truly part of a community working towards a great goal.

Originally published at on December 11, 2020.



Crypto advocate & Enthusiast —Opinions, Not Investment advice. Blog: —

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MamaeCrypto Michelle M.

Crypto advocate & Enthusiast —Opinions, Not Investment advice. Blog: —