Mommin’ It Monday — Episode 12 — Crypto News

MamaeCrypto Michelle M.
2 min readSep 12, 2020

This week, on our Mommin’ It Monday episode 12, Lisa and I wanted to talk about fun crypto topics. Crypto-related news and interesting topics that are not meant to be overlooked.

We start the stream talking about Bitcoin Price, gold price, and all the excitement evolving around the crypto marketplace. Are we on the bull run? Has the bull market solidified yet? Or is this excitement just a fake-out? For now, It is nice to see Bitcoin and many alt-coins moving in the right direction. Cross our fingers we encounter a long and lasting bull-run.

We move on to discuss one of the articles we choose, published on Cointelegraph , titled: Paris Hilton Drew a Cat and it Somehow Sold for $17,000 in ETH. Truly amazing to see a popular figure such as Paris Hilton take advantage of Non-fungible Token Technology to help others thru Crypto and ART. Also, the auction brought so much visibility to the crypto realm and indirectly emphasized the value of blockchain technology in general. It is amazing to see blockchain changing and re-shaping the art world.

We also brought back a topic we discussed last week, the recently launched Tv ad campaign by Grayscale, a cryptocurrency investment firm. As mentioned in the article by , the Ad certainly brought in new investors and as a result, the firm broke records, collecting $217 million in investments in a single week.

We end our chat talking about fractions of Bitcoin, or better, the famous Satoshi’s and we cover how stocks are now being sold as fractions as well and how the whole financial system is changing as a whole. As always we also cover a bunch of topics in between, including a special message in honor of Lisa’s daughter. Hope you enjoy our flow!

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