Mommin’ It Monday Episode 14 Crypto News

Hi everyone, this week Lisa and I skipped our Monday recording because of the holiday. It was a very fiery labor day weekend here in California. Extreme heat and lots of fires clouding our skies and adding one more layer of stress to our current situation. Yep, 2020 has been a difficult year altogether and a break was needed to enjoy the holiday, decompress, talk to loved ones, and most importantly to find a way to entertain my little one in such crazy conditions. Anyhow this little break enables me to finally catch up since I still have last week’s episode to post.

We recorded this episode on Monday, August 31st, and talked about a series of topics and crypto news. We start the show by talking a little about the Real estate market and how Federal policies such as interest rates and the rate of inflation could affect future prices. Funny thing… Lambo comments are completely gone! It is a whole new vibe in crypto twitter!

We move on to talk about scammers and how they are forging Coindesk emails and sending fake Newsletters which include malicious links. In the video, we discuss the details and how to identify the email as well as few ways to protect yourself as recommended by CoinDesk. In a statement, Coindesk mentioned: “ One of the most unfortunate aspects of the crypto space is its tendency to attract scams…” “CoinDesk was one of the hijacked Twitter accounts, too (our handle is all better now, thanks), and it was far from the first time our brand was exploited by crooks looking to make a quick buck. Nor has it been the last.”

We move on to talk discusses a few more articles titled:

1. Cloudflare says its Sunday morning problems were due to CenturyLink outage by The Verge

2. Ethereum Classic Hit by Third 51% Attack in a Month by Coindesk

3. Energy Giant Equinor to Cut Gas Flaring With Bitcoin Mining Report by Coindesk .

As normal, we discuss each topic in detail and of course complement the articles by sharing our opinion or better our 2 Satoshis! Join us for this lively discussion below.

Originally published at on October 10, 2020.



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