Mommin’ It Monday — Stream 28 — Crypto News Jan 4th, 2021

MamaeCrypto Michelle M.
2 min readJan 13, 2021


Our Mommin’ It Mondays Episode today was simply packed with information. We were able to jump over and mesh together at least 5 crypto major headlines in a matter of 45 minutes. We discussed a bunch of crypto topics that certainly brought us up to date, after the big holiday break.

Bitcoin is tracing new territories at this point, high market cap alt-coins are catching up as we expected and now the low market cap altcoins have showcased some marketed action too. For those who did not believe the alt-season was never going to be back after the 2018 crash, I guess this must be a shock.

For us, believers we “kinda” been preparing for this marathon for a while, ain’t that right? But now it is time to be more attentive and pay extra attention to the environment and the signals that it sends us. Analyzing the major new topics helps us do just that. Join us for a fun and explorative chat.

Some of the topic we covered today:

1. Fidelity Digital to Hold Bitcoin as Collateral for Cash Loans

2. 3 Easiest Ways To Buy Bitcoin — Without A Crypto Exchange Account

3. Shenzhen to Double Digital Yuan Giveaway in China’s Latest Lottery Test

4. Bittrex to Delist ‘Privacy Coins’ Monero, Dash and Zcash

5. NFT Art Sales Reached All-Time High of $8.2M in December

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