Mommin’ It Monday — Stream 30 — Crypto News Jan 18th, 2021

What a wonderful way to start the week by getting to know the hottest and latest topics in the world of cryptos. And that’s is just what we do in our Momming It Mondays episodes, we cheat chat about the latest headlines while enjoying the company of amazing folks and other content creators alike. Thank @Rice to for your special visit and comment today in addition to many others visitors to our stream. We truly appreciate the party! And it reminds me how small and connected our community is. One more reason to protect, and send a great message to many new-comers arriving in the market during this current bull run.

I hope you find a great group you can connect with, and know that once you find great people your blockchain journey ain’t going to be so lonely anymore.

But please watch out for impostors. They are out and about more than ever.

This week, we covered 8 headlines and a few more not listed in this list. We are getting more to the point of being able to digest a little more than usual, so get prepared!

For those who want to skip the video and jump right into the goods here are the headlines we got to talk about:

1. Exchanges running out of ETH with reserves plunging 27% in 48 hours

2. Gemini Founders make case for why the value of Bitcoin will reach $500,000

3. Former Canadian prime minister names Bitcoin as possible reserve currency

4. Complete Internet Shutdown Wipes Out Bitcoin Trading

5. NFTS now on Theta

6. Goldman, JPMorgan and Citi are all said to be looking at crypto custody.

7. Chinese state-owned bank tests digital yuan ATMs in Shenzhen

8. Crypto Exchange Owner Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Multimillion-Dollar Scheme to Defraud Americans

That’s All Funky Folks!

All my best
Michelle M

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