Mommin It Mondays Catch up episode October 4th guest @CryptoCrusader1 $PAC

Hi there,

This week we did not get a chance to record our Mommin’ It Monday show, but I do have 2 more awesome pre-recorded episodes to feature here in the blog. By next week we should be all up today and maybe today we may see a whole new all-time high for Bitcoin as well. Just took a quick peek at lunchtime and we are above 64K. That’s amazing but are you prepared for what’s next? Just know that Bitcoin and other altcoins will eventually complete their full bull cycle and once that happens we will see A MAJOR drop. so make sure you are prepped for crypto winter.

This episode is extra fun I would say because we got to use the first 30 minutes to chat about the fun times we had together in Utah and cover some crypto news. But the best part is the last 30 minutes, where @CryptoCrusader1 (Twitter) fills us in on all the pros of the PAC network. It is interesting to see more and more people realizing that there is value within their data. It was interesting to learn something new and made me curious about the product in general so I invite you to check it out as well.

All my best
Michelle M
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