My Top Earning Apps and Dapps — Updated 2023 List

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The options below are the products and services I use. These are platforms, apps, dapps, and softwares available in the marketplace today, that allow anyone to earn cryptocurrencies and CASH without any financial investment. FREE platforms and services that are easy, simple, and fairly safe to use, and earn. Some you probably have installed on your phone already/

Besides, the tokens and cash rewarded by these platforms can be withdrawn and/or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, fiat money, or products. Most are also transferrable to a wallet. They are great tools to help you offset inflation.

My mission is to create a passive crypto income stream with these unique applications. And I am on the course to doing just that at a steady pace. In the process, I enjoy sharing what I learn. And sharing what I learn became part of the process I guess. No matter what I enjoy the journey and have been earning Crypto Using these methods below.

But despite me using these, before trying them out, my first recommendation is to do your research and make sure that the product or service fits your needs. This list is not investment advice.

I am here sharing a list of products and services I currently use for FREE and that has brought me some value one way or another. I am constantly updating the list in THIS PAGE on my blog I tried many others that I feel are not worth sharing too. These have been good to me, SO FAR (Important to highlight). I hope you get familiar with the technology and get to feel the power of using a blockchain-powered platform. But if not I do have a few traditional choices for you as well.

If you are new to cryptocurrency in general know that with most of these you will be learning by experience rather than by theory. What you will find below has very little to do with investing and trading cryptocurrency other than earning. But on the other hand, it has a lot to do with using and leveraging the actual blockchain technology to your advantage.


Brave is a decentralized internet Browser that automatically blocks ads and trackers and offers users faster browsing speed and more privacy options than its competitors. To make it rewarding, users that opt-into Brave Ads rewards programs are rewarded with BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) on a daily basis for simply browsing the internet as they normally do. Brave Browser already has millions of users earning BAT tokens everyday and the growth is exponential as Brave continues to improve steadily. At this point anyone can download, join in and start earning FREE BAT on a daily Basis. Also Brave Offer additional earning possibilities for content creators. Publishers who use the Brave are able to receive BAT tips from viewers directly on their web sites and social media channels. Signing up to become a Brave Publisher is easy and in this blog I have several tutorials that may help. Just type Brave into the blog search box!

Start building a passive income stream with Brave today.

Receive few Welcome BAT Tokens when you this BRAVE BROWSER DOWNLOAD LINK.


Earn crypto or pay with crypto when booking your next trip with Travala!


The Smart Program offers direct discounts on, loyalty rewards, AVA payment discounts, and many other benefits. You will find Smart offers on millions of travel products worldwide. Join Travala using my Invite Link and receive $25 dolar bonus when you book a $400 trip

3. Publish0x Blogging Platform

Publish0X is a crypto agnostic blogging platform that rewards readers and content creators with a variety of cryptocurrencies. The platform also encourages content creators with fun and rewarding writing contests. The platform is simple and Free to sign up and start earning simply by reading and tipping content creators. Join in using this Invite Link and enjoy a nice range of crypto articles and general content while earning BAT, DAI, LRC and possibly other cryptocurrencies while at it.

4. FOLD App

Earn Bitcoin #BTC kick-back from many US retailers on all purchases made using the FOLD APP. Shop and earn BTC on major locations such as Starbucks, Nordstroms, Banana Republic and so many more. Simple to use the app functions like a gift card in which user purchases credit using their bank cards or using BTC and then spends the gift card in store or online. In addition to the offering “Bitcoin back” on purchases, the app also rewards users with Bitcoin rewards or kickback percentage increase daily. Log in daily, try your luck, get rewarded and use it when convenient to make purchases on your favorite participant retailers. The Fold app enables anyone to shop wisely and stack on Bitcoin paid direct to your digital wallet. Ready to give it a try? Make sure to use the Invite Link and enjoy a 20,000 Satoshi bonus opportunity. I am hooked

5. Odysee Video Platform

Odysee is a new platform backed by Lbry Blockchain. This platform offers everything that LBRY does but also few extra features and much faster streaming speeds. They are both interconnected and you can use the same log in information to enjoy both experiences. Wether you sign up to Odysee or Lbry is up to you, but make sure to use my referral invite Link in order to receive a special welcome bonus.

6. Hashing Ads Spaces

Another plataform that I use to earn cryptocurrencies, and that is completely free to sign up and join in is Hashing Ads Space. Hashing Ads Space is a very complex platform run on the Waves blockchain and powered by ASIMI tokens. On the platform users can earn by watching ads, completing surveys, staking in various ways and minting ads as well. It is free to start although the platform does sale some interesting Minting and Advertising packages. They do have a great product selection. In my case I choose the spend my Asimi token earnings on advertising products rather than complete the kyc requirements to cash out. Their advertising products fit my niche and by sending traffic to my site I am able to cash out in other ways, mainly thru blockchain ads and referrals. I have been using Hashing ads Space for over one year now and have managed to gather a good stack of ASIMI tokens for my future advertising needs and of course keeping a tiny moon bag. If you decide to join in make sure to use my referral link as an “Asimi token” of your support. Thank you!

7. is the latest generation of decentralized streaming and video platform. Earn t-fuel for watching your favorite streams with exclusive content by NASA, exclusive music, exclusive content creators and some of the regulars you are already familiar with on YouTube and other decentralized platforms. On theta every user wins t-fuel and other fun prizes for watching the streams, for participating in chats and giveaways. Unfortunately despite the fact that t-fuel is already tradable in crypto exchanges, the Theta platform does not allow for withdrawn of credits as of yet. However, the t-fuel credits acquired can be exchanged within the platform for some incredible available prizes such as apple watches, hardware wallets, theta merchandise, video games to name a few. Prizes start at very low price points so easily obtainable. Hope you enjoy the platform and if so let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below. Use my referral sign up link and receive an extra welcome crate from and know that thanks to your support I will receive a prize crate from as well. Wishing for YOU an awesome prize!

8. Coinbase Earn

Looking into learning about crypto currencies while earning cryptocurrencies? It is possible to with the Coinbase EARN program. Coinbase is one of the most popular and stablished crypto Exchange in the USA and it offers this free educational program that rewards crypto currencies for learning about them.

According to Coinbase, EARN enables users to discover how specific cryptocurrencies work — and after watching a lesson and taking a quiz the user is rewarded in a variety of cryptocurrencies. Right now Earn is offering educational courses for Band Protocol (Band), Compound (Comp), Stellar (XLM), MakerDao (MKR) and Filecoin (FIL). They have already rewarded many others and over time they plan to add more cryptocurrencies to their list of rewards. I have been claiming then for over a 1 and a half and over time have received more than $150 in value from

Coinbase Earn Program. Not a bad way to start and completely free. Please note than Coinbase does require a KYC and may not be available ion your country. Please make sure to check availability in thee Coinbase Earn Program fact page before signing up.

9. Bitcoin Magazine APP

The Bitcoin Magazine APP is a great way to keep yourself informed while earning some sats. Find more information about it at:

Enjoy all the perks that come with it! I truly enjoy it a lot!

10. Ibotta

Traditional Finance Apps such as Ibotta allows you to save money on groceries and other products and spend those points in several retailers. It is a great way to reduce the impact of inflation. If you sign up make sure to use my referral code dpdhdhu and we will both receive a $10 credit to start with.

From my own experience, With Ibotta, you can get cash back every time you shop. The app isn simple and they make it easy, fast, and safe to save big. Find it in the app store.

11. Venmo

Another traditional finance App that is simply taking over the world is Venmo App with its fast, safe and social Payments. It is one of the best ways in traditional finance to Pay. Get paid. Shop. Share. Join tens of millions of people on Venmo. Many people do not know that you can earn up to $100 dollars simply by referring the app. For each friend you share your link with you get $10 and they receive a $5 as a super incentive too. So before you simply sign up from the App store make sure you hit my Link: and claim your free bonus. After that within the app you can easily share it with friends. Enjoy the tip!

12. Presearch

Presearch is a decentralized search engine. Search privately, receive better results and get rewarded with Presearch decentralized search engine, powered by blockchain technology — Direct link:

Several more coming! I keep updating this amazing list.

Disclaimer: Most of the links above are affiliate links, which means I might get a tiny bonus if you decide to register for services, apps or dapps above. You will not have any disadvantage, on the contrary, in most cases you will receive an extra welcome gift in the form of tokens, that you otherwise wouldn’t receive if you used a regular sign up link, instead of my invite referral link. Thank you for your support.



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