Simplifying my Link LIFE with Cointree + Creating a QR Code

MamaeCrypto Michelle M.
2 min readOct 31, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I recently signed up for, and it has become so much easier to share all my social media links at the bottom of my articles with just one link. In addition to having all of my Social Media Links in one place, also enables me to add any of my Cryptocurrency addresses to my account and receive crypto payments. With my new Cointree page, supporters can now send their tip using their favorite token, directly to my crypto wallet and include a personal message. A great solution for people like me, who earn their money through community support.

After doing this I feel like I spent the day with Mary Kondo cleaning up and organizing the reck out of my links… my digital LIFE.

Here is Naomi Brockwell talking about the free service and how she came up with this great idea! Direct Link:

After setting it all up I decided that I wanted to be more visual and create a QR code for Link page to insert at the bottom of my articles and post on social media. In this video, I showcase a few quick steps to get that accomplished.

Direct link:

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. I enjoy trying new things but more than that I truly get a sense of happiness when I get to share what I discover with you. Kinda fun to learn together and keep helping each other grow.

All my best,

Michelle M

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