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We all know that it truly does not matter which direction the crypto market goes, because cryptocurrencies in general are becoming more popular. People have interest in it not only for the possibility of a profitable investment but now because of its functionality. I for example already completed several payments in crypto currencies and received many. I find it way more practical to use crypto in my life and truly wish there was more possible ways to spend it. Soon there will be. One of the ways I conquer a variety of Crypto coins is by participating in Bounty Campaigns.

In this article I will share with you where to find the bounty campaigns, the types of campaigns available, and also give you some tips on how to increase your income and how to choose a good campaign. In fact in this industry time is money and unfortunately many projects do not have a viable product or simply cannot compete in the marketplace and if the project fails unfortunately we as bounty hunters do not receive commission for our work, so it is always very important to do a research to choose a project with great potential for success.

Sites that offer a variety of bounty Campaigns

1. Bitcointalk is a Forum that was created at the beginning of the crypto coins where crypto currencies enthusiasts meet to discuss topic. In the forum you will find a specific tab for bounties where ICO projects advertise their campaigns. The site is a bit archaic and to participate in the bounty campaigns you usually have to fill out a form for each campaign and register your work weekly on the individual bounty tab of each campaign. The forum also offers a community in Portuguese and there you find a lot of help to start in this adventure. One tip: The more you venture into Bitcointalk, participate, respond to comments and simply help you have more chances to acquire merits that increases your authority level on the site and actually increases your value as a bounty hunter.

2. Bountyhive: Bountyhive is a more modern website that contains a variety of campaigns and once you register on the site and register your social accounts, such as facebook, twitter and others the process of participation becomes automated. You just have to complete the tasks and the bountyhive website tracks your work for you. Very practical and really recommend, the only problem is that the site already has a very large demand so once the new campaigns appear on the site they run out in less than 8 hours, sometimes in less than 2 hours. My tip for anyone who really wants to take bounty seriously is to sign up for bountyhive’s telegram newsgroup and ask to receive an alert whenever they send a message. Unfortunately expect just a 2 ha to 5 new campaigns per week. The site is new but I believe they will offer more and more with the great demand they are having.

3. Bountysuite: Bountysuite is a site similar to Bountyhive, but more dynamic and effective. The site is new and currently has few users therefore we can find a variety of open bounty campaigns and receive higher stakes for our work. Bountysuite platform is also offering a referral campaign paying Ethereum to attract many bounty hunters. I recommend registering to this platform since it is the most convent of the 3 mentioned and also recommend to post your reference link in social networks in hopes to earn some ETH tokens from referralsCampaign Types and Task Sample

1. Twitter — Ex: Do 5 re-tweets of the project for week for 8 weeks (1 re-tweet per day)

2. Facebook — EX: Share 2 project articles per week for 4 months

3. Reddit — EX: Comment on the articles of the project 2 times a week

4. Medium — Ex: Clapping on articles related to the project

5. Signature — EX: Put a project message on your personal bitcointalk page

6. Article — Ex; Write an article about the project

7. Video — Ex: Create a video about the project

8. Translation — Ex: Translate web site or articles about the project into your native language

9. Many other types like graphics, solving bugs, developing work and more

How much do we earn?

Prices will vary depending on many factors. ex: number of twitter followers, bitcointalk rank, facebook friendships, project token price, available tokens, demand for the currency when it is listed in the exchanges, and many others factors. Always remembering that many projects unfortunately will not happen and unfortunately much work done will be in vain. But by own experience if you know how to choose your chances of success will increase greatly.

How to choose the best campaigns?

Choose a campaign that has a manager with a good reputation (it’s easy to look at the manager ranking on bitcointalk). Also learn about the project, visit the website, read the whitepaper and see if the idea hits you. If you find the idea genial see if there are competitors in the same area with better ideas. See the reputation of the team in the linked-in and also the reputation of the project in social networks. UFA! In addition you can also consult the ICOBENCH and ICODROPS website and analyze the rank and status of the project.

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