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If you want to educate yourself about Bitcoin you found the right list! One of the best ways to learn about bitcoin and blockchain technology is through movies, and there are several out there that I recommend. Most of them can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube. So get your popcorn ready and enjoy my list of Top 5 Bitcoin movies.

1. Banking on Bitcoin — In open source we trust.

One of the first documentaries about Bitcoin to be released to the mainstream ever, Banking on Bitcoin captures what happened in the early years of Bitcoin up until its release in 2016. The movie is rich with interviews from early adopters such as Eric Vorhees, Elizabeth Stark, Barry Silberman, Charlie Lee, Charlie Shrem among others, and reflects on the revolution that has started since it’s code was mainly created and released into the universe by Satoshi Nakamoto.

2. Cryptopia

Released in 2020 Cryptopia dives directly into the crypto ecosystem. It looks into the history and the functionality of Bitcoin and it’s blockchain ledger system while showcasing the crypto revolution that followed the development of Bitcoin and the introduction of the Altcoins. The documentary explains a few topics that have emerged in the industry such as the creation of smart contracts, the rise of the ICOs, the diference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as well as several fallacies of this growing industry. It ends with a deep dive into the future of the internet while taking into perspective the egos and opinions of several specialists in the industry.

3. Bit by Bit — In bitcoin we trust

Released in 2018 Bit by Bit highlights Bitcoin as a financial instrument. It breaks down the properties of fiduciary money and showcases Bitcoin as a digital alternative. A deep dive into the history of Bitcoin, when and how it was created, and the reason why the protocol came about.

4. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

One of the early documentaries about Bitcoin released in 2014, the film takes an in depth look at the opinions and lives of early adopters. A computer programer, Miners, developers and other blockchain specialists showcase how the industry is evolving at this early stage in the game. They will give you a perspective of what they expect for the future as this open source digital currency called Bitcoin evolves. A deep dive into the technological aspect as well as the financial and revolutionary aspect of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

5. Trust Machine — The story of the blockchain

If you want to explore blockchain technology in more detail then Trust Machine would be a great movie choice for you. Released in 2018, this documentary explains how cryptocurrencies are created, and how the blockchain works to create a trust-less system. The documentary focuses on bitcoin but also explores the technology behind other digital assets.

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