Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Dec, 5th 2020

December is here, and we have realized that 2020 has passed by us like a mad train. Despite the chaos, the crypto markets not only survived one of its biggest challenges, the covid-19 pandemic fear, but it proved to be a hedging solution for many. There is a current need for an easy way to transact. And the world is currently feeling the pressure to adapt to a digital financial spectrum. Bitcoin together with other cryptocurrencies has been proving its usefulness and is being adopted by large corporations such as PayPal and attracting the attention of large investors and investment funds such as Michael Saylor and Jp Morgan. Who knew everybody one day would jump on this train? Nobody was sure but we certainly hoped that the world would eventually accept and endorse this amazing technology.

This week, the crypto markets have been moving sideways and in the last few days fluctuating between the highs $18000s to the low $19000s. Truly impressive to see the price of Bitcoin standing steady close to its all-time high. The pressure is high! Super high, and we can expect some volatility in the course of more developments and headlines.

The articles below are hand-picked for you, one article to read for each day of the week. They will help you understand the environment we are in and some of the catalyst topics that can translate into market actions as it develops. Check out the Major headlines in this quick 3-minute video below. Also, access each article provided in the video with the links below. I certainly recommend the read.

Sunday, Nov 29th 2020: Pizza Hut Venezuela Now Accepts Crypto Payments

- https://www.coindesk.com/venezuela-pizza-hut-bitcoin-dash

Monday, Nov 30th 2020: Venezuelan army starts mining Bitcoin to make ends meet — https://cointelegraph.com/news/venezuelan-army-starts-mining-bitcoin-to-make-ends-meet

Tuesday, Dec 1st 2020: The Libra Association Rebranded Itself to Diem https://decrypt.co/50063/the-libra-association-rebrands-itself-to-diem

Wednesday, Dec 2nd 2020: Visa will facilitate USDC payments, thanks to fresh partnership — https://cointelegraph.com/news/visa-will-facilitate-usdc-payments-thanks-to-fresh-partnership

Thursday, Dec 3rd 2020: S&P Dow Jones Indices to Launch Crypto Indexes in 2021- https://www.coindesk.com/sp-dow-jones-indices-to-launch-crypto-indexes-in-2021

Friday, Dec 4th, 2020: New Fund Exposes Canadian Traditional Investors to Ethereum -https://decrypt.co/50496/new-fund-exposes-canada-traditional-investors-ethereum

Saturday, Dec 5th, 2020: Enjoy your Saturday!


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