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2 min readApr 26, 2021

I apologize for the little delay in posting our Weekly News Slide this week, and since the news never stops I decided to add one extra for this week to complement this one-day delay. As mentioned last week we have arrived in a stage of high volatility in the cryptocurrency markets and the slightest move can have a tremendous domino effect (Up or Down). My advice is to watch out and be as informed as possible. This slide may help get up to date.

Sunday, Mar 14th, 2021: How Rollups Could Make Ethereum Cheaper to Use — https://decrypt.co/61372/how-rollups-could-make-ethereum-cheaper-to-use

Monday, Mar 15th 2021: Over 6,000 XRP holders volunteer as third-party defendants in SEC lawsuit — https://cointelegraph.com/news/over-6-000-xrp-holders-volunteer-as-third-party-defendants-in-sec-lawsuit

Tuesday, Mar 16th 2021: Biden’s Rumored OCC Pick Is a Bitcoin Skeptic

- https://decrypt.co/61492/biden-rumored-pick-for-occ-head-bitcoin-skeptic-baradaran

Wednesday, Mar 17th 2021: Grayscale adds five new crypto investment trusts including Chainlink and Filecoin — https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/98614/grayscale-new-investment-trusts-chainlink-filecoin

Thursday, Mar 18th, 2021: The US Government Sold Bitcoins at a 21% Premium — https://cryptopotato.com/the-us-government-sold-bitcoins-at-a-21-premium/

Friday, Mar 19th, 2021: Coinbase Fined $6.5 Million Over Trading Irregularities — https://decrypt.co/62155/coinbase-fined-6-5-million-over-trading-irregularities

Saturday, Mar 20th, 2021: Painting by avant-garde master Baranoff-Rossine to be auctioned as a NFT — https://cointelegraph.com/news/painting-by-avant-garde-master-baranoff-rossine-to-be-auctioned-as-a-nft

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