It is impossible to put into words all the experiences I lived during my last few days in Miami for the Bitcoin 2021 Conference. As I hop into the plane, back to Los Angeles, I am constantly having flashbacks of the colorful streets of Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, which for few days was simply packed with Art, Crypto, and Technology enthusiasts.

The scale of this event was unlike any other crypto event I have attended before. And yes, I have been to a great share of them in many metropolitan cities, but man, this one was unique. It was not only…

I apologize for the little delay in posting our Weekly News Slide this week, and since the news never stops I decided to add one extra for this week to complement this one-day delay. As mentioned last week we have arrived in a stage of high volatility in the cryptocurrency markets and the slightest move can have a tremendous domino effect (Up or Down). My advice is to watch out and be as informed as possible. This slide may help get up to date.

Sunday, Mar 14th, 2021: How Rollups Could Make Ethereum Cheaper to Use —

Monday, Mar…

E o Novo Programa Cripto Mulheres está no ar. Foi um grande prazer entrevistar a artista plástica designer gráfica e programadora Monica Rizzolli para um bate papo sobre sua nova jornada no Mundo De Token colecionáveis. Para Monica usar essa tecnologia foi simplesmente uma nova forma de unir o útil ao agradável alcançando a visão de movimento que sempre desejou. Descubra nessa entrevista mais detalhes sobre sua carreira, trabalho e nova jornada. Afinal alguns de nós realmente acreditamos que estamos vivendo uma nova renascença.

Assista aqui:

Links para conferir o trabalho da Monica Rizzolli


Coleção OpenSea Marketplace…

Art is Life… Life is art. On display is my first NFT collection minted on the Wax blockchain. Simple 32x32 Pixel Portraits with a Crypto Flare and a Fun nickname such as my self portrait MamaPixel. 10 pieces of each design minted and eternalized on the WAX blockchain. check out my current Live Auctions below.

Allow me few extra months to get it together and get my account verified, but as posted on my blog gallery page I must say it is super legit and verifiable! All the info you need regarding each mint is also provided in this page.

Despite the little dip, we experienced in the crypto markets this week; Lisa and I continue to cover the most relevant crypto topics in our weekly news. In this episode, we not only covered several headlines but also get a chance to take an in-depth look at the features of Mimble Wimble technology. A technology that is currently being implemented to the Litecoin network as a side chain.

As users, we are not often aware of all the details behind the work that is being developed behind the scenes, until we get to use the technology. And, despite not having…

Talk about the news being close to home… This week we have seen a lot of international news as major headlines in the USA and that included in my country of Brazil. During this bull run it is easy to see many striving to accept this new asset as a major commodity but only time will tell if the outlook on bitcoin will remain positive. This week bitcoin just reached another all time high and nobody knows when this stream train will run out of vapor. So let’s take a peak on Bitcoin current price, fear and greed index and…

In this video I showcase the steps necessary to Mind an NFT on the WAX blockchain. Want to learn the simple steps? Hit play and watch this 12 minute and by the end you shall be ready to start your own NFT collection.

Want to know to how to mint your first NFT on the WAX blockchain? I decided to give the Atomic Hub Platform a try few days ago and I already have a collection of 32x32 Pixel Crypto Portraits in the works.

You can browse my auctions at:

Also verify the authenticity of the art in my…

There is truly no better way to learn about Crypto and blockchain technology while having fun than with the one and only BRO BRO KENN BOSAK. I am one of the lucky ones who got a chance to spend some time with him in a variety of crypto events, but since I cannot get enough of him I had to schedule some time to catch up with the best Bro bro ever to discuss my new dive into the NFT world and learn some tricks from this master!

I have been exploring the NFT realm since early 2019 but now…

Every Monday is the day Lisa and I get together to discuss the most relevant topics in crypto. This weekly show is all about the hottest trends in blockchain technology.

We talk freely about our opinions. Today we emphasized that we are sharing our opinions. We are very disconnected from the cryptocurrency price itself and it is important to us that our audience understand that it is simply our perspective and not investment advice. Believe me, we often make investment mistakes. after all, nobody can predict the future and know how the market is going to behave tomorrow. …

Se preparem mulherada! Encantada com a possibilidade de entrevistar as cripto mulheres mais massas do nosso Brasil. Grande honra poder aprender e dividir momentos especiais com cada uma de vocês. Entre em contato e marque sua entrevista! Deixe um comentário com seu nome e uma forma de contato e em poucos dias marcamos um horário para uma entrevista de 30 minutos. Todas as entrevistas serão pre-gravadas.

Esse video também será publicados nos canais da Dash Dinheiro Digital — Link direta:

Visite meu blog para uma imersão na tecnologia blockchain:

Não deixe de seguir, compartilhar e curtir o canal…

MamaeCrypto Michelle M.

Crypto advocate & Enthusiast —Opinions, Not Investment advice. Blog: —

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